Watch: Adele reacts to moving tribute that made her cry at the ‘BGT’ finals

Adele’s latest album, 25, is described in reviews as “a celebration of love over separation.” She opens with the album’s title track and statement “I’m gonna live my life as if my world’s ending.” Her new single, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” about escaping a breakup, as a song about a lover, ends with Adele saying “I want to say goodbye.” All of these emotions, and she sings about them in only ten minutes.

Yet, those of us who watched the “Britain’s Got Talent” 2018 final last month were less moved by her pleading with a lost lover, and more by the comedy act that performed before Adele, Ludo, as a tribute to her upcoming album. Ludo, a small comedian from England who is very much a British comic, was presented with a giant screen by the moment Adele took the stage at the Barclaycard Arena in London. He proceeded to hijack the stage, and when Adele saw her and the huge screen around her as she gave the show-stopping performance, she reacted as you can see in the video below:

“That’s just the tiniest bit too much for my ears,” said Adele, pointing to the screen, as the audience grew more rowdy and appreciative. “Oh my god, I can’t get this all out,” she said when the performance was over. “It’s driving me absolutely insane, thank you. Thank you. I love you.” She also yelled out, “Oh no, not Ludo! Oh no, no, no!”

In the video’s caption, Adele continued to take over the stage, and invited more audience members to get involved. “Alright well no one’s yelling as loud as I am,” she said. “Sorry for the attention but let’s try and get everyone in the British arena to sing along… This is really getting to me. Do it!”

Soon afterward, a camera showed a massive crowd singing along, and Adele declaring, “They can keep singing my tune!”

“I love you Adele. Thank you so much for being here. I love you!” she said. “Thank you. I’m going to go. I’ve lost it,” she said, before walking off the stage.

Later, she tweeted her appreciation for the performance. “The audience was hilarious. They were singing my tune and they really got a big kick out of it…” and “The #BritainsGotTalent 2017 finalist @LSODaze said absolutely it all. He is my absolute hero.”

But for now, Adele would only let them have it.

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