UK weather: The latest Met Office forecast

UK weather UK weather: The latest Met Office forecast Temperatures set to plummet and light snow forecast, with showers likely in Scotland The latest Met Office weather forecast. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Northerly winds bringing low pressure, showers and a chance of some snow have been forecast for northern and western Scotland on Thursday. It is a warmer morning around the north and east of England, with rain-free spells. After the showers and some areas of frost in northern and western parts, there will be some bright sunshine. It will be showery around southern England in the afternoon, with drizzle spreading to Wales. A touch of light snow is possible.

Viewed in the context of three months of monthly data, the autumn is looking drier than average, says the Met Office’s chief meteorologist, Andy Page.

“We expect the average daily rainfall for September to be 26mm across England and Wales, but levels of above- or below-average rainfall remain quite wide. This means that much of the UK, when looked at as a whole, may not quite reach their expected average for total rain,” Page said.

“So while we may see below-average totals for September, this simply does not mean that some areas are missing out on the rain they need. It might simply be that other parts of the country get plenty of rain.”

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