How to create a poll in Telegram on a PC or mobile device

Did you know that you can create a poll in Telegram without leaving the app? Polls are one of the most engaging and interactive ways to get feedback from a Telegram channel or group chat members. Members can use them to publicly express their opinions without saying anything controversial or backing up their positions with facts. It is a safe and anonymous means of intervening in the debate and expressing one’s point of…

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How to check if someone has added you on Discord

Social networking and direct messaging applications such as Discord help connect like-minded people. With more than 100 million monthly active users, the application has given people around the world the ability to connect online through common interests. As the app grows in popularity, it’s important to know how to use it. So how do you check to see if someone has added you? If you don’t know the answer


How to Customize iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

With the release of iOS 16, your iPhone lock screen will no longer be the same. Customizing the lock screen with widgets, fonts, and colors is a feature iOS users have wanted for ages. After ignoring this popular request for years, Apple has finally answered our prayers and introduced a fully customizable lock screen. This means you can now customize your lock screen so that it’s not only eye-catching but also lets you track things…

How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else Would See It

You can never be too careful when posting things on Facebook. Events and images intended to be shared with friends or family may accidentally become accessible to other eyes. There are settings to prevent this, but checking each message to confirm the “Private” status is quite difficult. Luckily, Facebook has the option to let you see which of your uploads are visible to everyone. This article shows you how to view your Facebook profile like…


How to Add and Remove People in Group Text on iPhone

iPhone is one of the most targeted products of Apple Inc. They offer lots of features based on iOS which is one of the most advanced and advanced operating systems. And one of the interesting features is the group text, with which we can chat with several people from the same group. In this article, we will see how to add people to a group text iPhone or even how to remove people from a…



How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android and iOS

Instagram has exploded in popularity in recent years. Everyone has an account on Instagram that started out as a photo-sharing app. It has reached such heights that brands are using famous Instagram users as influencers to spread their products. As with other apps, the Instagram app generates cache files that allow it to load faster each time you open it. Cache files are stored on your mobile device and can sometimes consume a lot of


How to activate 5G on iPhone 11

5G is the next generation network after 4G and some companies started implementing it in 2019. It was found to be 100 times better than … Read more


How to Block Ads in iPhone Games

There are plenty of iPhone games out there, and while the big names are usually quite fun to play, if you’ve ever tried free games like Crowd City or Helix Jump on your iPhone, you must have noticed the large number of ads that ruin your experience. No ads in free games are not bad because they allow developers to earn income. However, some games over-advertise out of greed, and that’s where you might be


How to Check Someone’s Location on iPhone

iPhone is a smartphone provided by Apple Inc. It offers a very tough competition to Google Android devices as it offers lots of features to its users to give them a premium experience. One of the features that several iPhone users love is location tracking. And several other users often ask how to check someone’s location on iPhone or how to see someone’s location on iPhone. If you’re one of them, keep reading to find…