How to Check Instagram Highlight Views

Instagram has risen to the top of social media platforms within a few years. People use it to present their ideas and how they want to be seen by others. Instagram Highlights is a feature introduced for this purpose. Instagram Highlights are a form of Instagram Stories, but unlike Stories, they stay permanently in your profile. You can portray your profile using Instagram highlights and update them from time to time. However, you can only…



Explore Instagram in a Pinterest-like layout

When Instagram finally launched a web interface, the world rejoiced. And pretty soon that stopped being a big deal, perhaps because the web interface always felt like a sort of must-have product. Instagram certainly doesn’t see much behind it because no one will take and upload photos from their desktop. Instagram has life on our phones and is little more than placeholder text when it comes to the desktop.


How to Perform Instagram Messages Recovery

With Instagram’s rise in social media circles, it had to adapt and introduce features to suit its ever-growing user base. Users wanted to do more than just share photos and Instagram responded to this by introducing a messaging feature. It allows users to send direct messages to other users and have a group chat. However, messaging on Instagram is different as it lacks the functionality of other messaging apps. For example, if you are looking…

How to Unmute a Story on Instagram

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How to reactivate a story on Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms to get to know and interact with the people you love on the internet. Whether it’s your family, friends, loved ones or even the celebrities you look up to. You can engage with any of them virtually via Instagram and share opinions and photos, or simply create and publicly share entertaining multimedia posts to create a strong connection with other users. This way, you can know…



How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android and iOS

Instagram has exploded in popularity in recent years. Everyone has an account on Instagram that started out as a photo-sharing app. It has reached such heights that brands are using famous Instagram users as influencers to spread their products. As with other apps, the Instagram app generates cache files that allow it to load faster each time you open it. Cache files are stored on your mobile device and can sometimes consume a lot of