Soaring fees for biggest pets in UK

Written by By Nora Schirtzinger, CNN

To breed or not to breed? That is the question now facing England’s multi-million pound trophy farm behind lions, white tigers and a Himalayan bear-cross, who are among the biggest animals ever housed at a domestic home.

The nine-bedroom mansion known as Beowulf House sits on 193 acres near Chichester in Sussex, the birthplace of R.A. Lawrence, writer of “Jungle Book.”

Founder Simon Knight, who “broke several world records on breeding Arabian horse,” wants to keep some of his own animals and is already advertising a visit on website EntreChoc.

“Two weeks from today I will be hosting a family for a stay in Beowulf House while I attend a selective breeding sale in the UK,” the advertisement says. “We have offered some of my prized breeding horses to buyers from international buyers.

“The runners and riders have been selected for your family, and the firm order will be delivered to you only if the sale is completed.”

It adds: “You will enjoy watching our world class mounts, having taken control of the stables, that will make an ideal family activity if you are entertaining in their enormous suites.”

Knight explains that an order of ten horses is already sent from Hong Kong, one to America and one to Hong Kong, all for the same sale.

Knight says some of his horses were in fact already bought when Beowulf House was built in 2001.

His sale is expected to attract several buyers and come at a time when there is a growing surge in domestic use of breeding animals.

A survey by Egg Marketing said: “The British public supports the use of domestic animals for breeding. Currently, more than 200,000 cats, 110,000 dogs and about 8,000 equines are kept for breeding purposes.”

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