Scandal of The Week: Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein?

The scandal surrounding Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein, one of several sex predators who were not charged with any crimes in a case the billionaire owner of the Palm Beach Post company wrote about in his memoir, may have been flawed, according to the New York Daily News.

The D.A. in the Jeffrey Epstein case not only overlooked the material relating to the “Access Hollywood” tape that revealed Donald Trump’s 2005 comments but was also aware that the housekeeper and his housekeeper’s friend were also involved in the case. The details are mentioned in a new book called “Trumped: The inside story of Donald Trump, Hollywood and My Billionaire Sex Offender Friend,” by Jim Rosenfeld.

Epstein was convicted in 2008 of soliciting sexual acts from underage girls for money.

According to a source in the New York Daily News, the details about the housekeeper and the housekeeper’s friend were on a “secret file” that the Palm Beach D.A. kept on Epstein and dated back to his arrest. Epstein was also a client of the one of the two Metropolitan Correctional Centers.

However, the file did not reflect any conviction in the case; the file merely showed that two of the girls who had been sexually abused were residents of the McCann rehab center, according to the New York Daily News.

In the book, Epstein claims that the boys he had sexual relations with in the homes were still minors.

Both Prince Andrew and Epstein denied ever having sex with minors, with the prince of Wales telling the Telegraph that he did not recall ever seeing Epstein and only met him at the school he attended, though “at the time I was not close to him.”

Epstein reportedly paid $10 million to one victim. However, the most recent investigations by the Daily News seems to indicate that many were in fact aware of Epstein’s crimes.

The Daily News writes that the D.A. has known about the allegations for years and also has been aware of those involving the two Metropolitan Correctional Center residents.

For more details in the Daily News story click here.

Drew Hansen is a Contributing Reporter for Fox News Channel (FNC).

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