Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman A ‘Psychopath,’ But Might Be ‘The Antichrist,’ Says Former Intelligence Official

Mohammed bin Salman can’t seem to make up his mind. As he leads an offensive campaign against corruption in his country, he’s simultaneously being criticized for tightening his grip on power and for his harsh tactics.

Documents obtained by the Arab News newspaper reveal that the crown prince has been following a course of “absolute power.” The author of the report, Abdulkareem al-Kharafi, a former Saudi intelligence official who now runs a think tank in the country, believes bin Salman is fit to rule, but he is also a “psychopath” who has yet to learn to control his actions.

“His destiny will now be known,” Mr. al-Kharafi said. “There will be no turning back now.”

Although the report suggests that bin Salman is still new in power, there have been many signs that he’s been running the Saudi foreign policy under the FOU.

Tensions with Iran are at the heart of the crown prince’s current dilemma.

In September, the Saudis — backed by Israel and the United States — have increased pressure on the tiny country by imposing air strikes on Houthi rebels who have fired missiles into Saudi Arabia.

Bin Salman has also embarked on a seemingly unilateral offensive against extremist terror groups by ordering a high-profile operation to decimate Shiite-led Houthi rebels in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the top Arab News report suggested.

It states that Salman made his views clear in a series of speeches during his last visit to the United States last year.

“He reminded those listening that an American president ‘might be assassinated’,” the report says. “This prospect and then his statements showing that ‘Hamas,’ ‘Tehran’ and ‘al Qaeda’ would be crushed in the face of military power, all seemed to be a warning shot from a psychopath who was not above placing a target on any head if it brought more success to his aims.”

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