Russian Shepherd Monika Recovering After Having Artificial Legs Amputated

Monika, a Russian Shepherd rescued from a Siberian shipwreck last year, is recovering after having artificial legs installed after the near-fatal ordeal, the World’s Veterinary Association (WVA) reported.

“Her right leg was pretty damaged in the wreck and she lost her heel and a piece of the bone, so she could not stand, walk or do any physical labor,” veterinarian doctor Andrey Litvinov said, according to a World’s Veterinary Association press release. “Now we are building her artificial legs using silicone.”

The WVA found Monika abandoned, living on a dirt path, in the Yamal Peninsula off northern Russia’s coast. Monika came to the shelter in Leningrad a short time after her rescue, after its owner had died in another incident.

Originally, Monika was received from the rescue center onto a train bound for Siberia but instead was taken to a local hospital, where she was given quarantine, care and basic food, according to the release. But over the course of the next few weeks, doctors were unable to give Monika the prosthetics, which take weeks to mold and another week to cut and apply, it continued.

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