Pundit Kyle Rittenhouse supports Black Lives Matter, pivots after own remarks

TV pundit Kyle Rittenhouse told Fox News host Tucker Carlson last week that he supports Black Lives Matter, saying the movement isn’t to blame for a rise in police-involved shootings.

“I think the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a misnomer for what the movement is about,” Rittenhouse said. “It’s not about police harassment or police brutality or racism. It’s more about counteracting criminal justice reform and increased incarceration at the expense of police and nonviolent crime issues.”

He added: “I’ve always thought that Black Lives Matter is a movement that encourages people to express their outrage at police tactics, so I’m not about to allow myself to be the face of that movement, but I would encourage anyone who disagrees.”

But when pressed on the incident and his feelings on BLM, Rittenhouse, who hosts “@_The_Fauxnews” and is credited with coining the term “fake news,” pivoted.

“Look, I’m with BLM when you go out there and protest against police practices that look like they’re doing crazy things, but a lot of it has to do with rampant criminality in the African-American community,” he said. “If you go around and you call 911 and you call for help and you’re afraid for your life, a lot of the crimes that occur in your neighborhood are when the police are not around. There are crimes that occur when the police are not in the neighborhoods.”

He later elaborated that “it is a perfect storm of different criminal elements who operate in these communities. That’s where the trouble comes from.”

Since his appearance last week, Rittenhouse has taken to the social media platform Twitter to respond to critics of his interview. In a since-deleted tweet, he stated, “None of my clients nor friends are Black Lives Matter. So is it really a valid cause?”

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