‘Pulp Fiction’ Sequel ‘Fatally Flushed Down the Drain’: Miramax Sues Tarantino Over Script

Dana Scott has the latest in today’s so-called “turmoil”-filled entertainment news with this story.

For anyone wondering just what the cosmic uproar was over James Bond’s 24th installment “Spectre,” an actual eruption of balls is causing a stir in Tarantino land.

The Oscar-winning director and producer has been aggressively planning an “official” sequel to his iconic 1992 film “Pulp Fiction.” Such an inevitable and eyebrow-raising result was inevitable. As expected, some people aren’t happy about it.

On Wednesday, Miramax Enterprises sued Tarantino and his movie distributer, The Weinstein Company, saying it has exclusive rights to adapt the 1994 novel “Bulletproof Monk” for a feature film. Tarantino has already optioned the rights, according to Deadline. But the suit alleges Tarantino reneged on a promise to pay for script changes.

Tarantino responded to the lawsuit via Twitter: “Seriously? Oh, Christ. Not cool, kid. Not cool,” CNN reported. “I told them I’d be back in a week. Thanks for the heads up.”

Tarantino has attempted to make the sequel to “Pulp Fiction” for the past 10 years. Both times, he said he needed to be satisfied with the script. But now that he’s finished the current draft, he’s apparently uninterested.

“It is very difficult for me to come up with another ‘Pulp Fiction’ script,” he told Variety, explaining that an upcoming piece of work he co-wrote with Uma Thurman, “Kill Bill Vol. 3,” had been submitted to Netflix. “There’s just not another ‘Pulp Fiction’ out there.”

Tarantino is right, right? Not so fast.

In the lawsuit, Miramax claims “Unbroken” screenwriter Lauren Wolkstein is working on a script of her own to adapt “Bulletproof Monk,” which ostensibly would come out next summer. That’s a few months after “Pulp Fiction 2” will presumably debut in what sounds like a prequel-like manner.

A Miramax representative declined to comment for this story. As for Tarantino, his statement likely says it all: “With the success of my other films — including ‘Django Unchained,’ ‘The Hateful Eight’ and ‘Inglourious Basterds’ — I’ve had the time and luxury of pursuing other interests. But I never lost the love of making movies, and I’ve been looking forward to the day when I could return to my original passion, which is story. Unfortunately, the Weinstein Company failed to honor that commitment to me.”

Business Insider previously reported that Tarantino will definitely be making a movie, with Reese Witherspoon and Danny McBride slated to star.

By Aaron Elstein, Business Insider

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