President Trump’s latest Treasury Secretary nominee to resign amid concerns over his business activities

Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Randal Quarles, will temporarily step down on March 30, according to the Wall Street Journal. In an email to colleagues, Federal Reserve Vice Chair for Supervision and Regulation, Randal Quarles, said that he was “honored” to serve, and that he would resign on March 30, before becoming Vice Chairman.

Trump named Randal Quarles as Federal Reserve Vice Chairman for Supervision and Regulation. Keep an eye on this Administration to change the rules and your path. Mr. Quarles & the Fed will make a difference. They will also do their part in strengthening the global economy! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 9, 2018

Another Trump Cabinet nominee to step down earlier than expected, William Hagerty, is set to officially step down from his position as Energy Secretary on Friday, according to The Washington Post. Mr. Hagerty’s resignation coincided with the Wednesday release of his tax returns, which showed that he has continued to do business with the energy and environmental sectors while serving as Secretary of Energy.

Mr. Hagerty has stated that his decision to resign from his Cabinet position stemmed from concerns that further disclosure of his personal finances would further reveal details about his management of the energy department.

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