On the move: Most popular and new bus hubs in Asia

Written by by Sina Meiyang Li, CNN

In Asia, it can feel like you can walk out your front door and get on any bus traveling just a few hours — at least at some of the busiest bus hubs in the region.

From China’s iconic Hangzhou, one of the world’s largest bus stations, to Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi, which opened last year as one of the region’s largest transit hubs, there’s an entirely new range of options in the offing.

A recent report from Chinese state media announced an ambitious plan by the government to build dozens of new bus parks in cities and to fund them by forcing passengers to get rid of their car.

Officials across the region — from Tokyo to Moscow — are increasingly focusing on more passenger-friendly bus projects to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

To bring you a quick look at some of the best bus parks in Asia, CNN took a look at some of the most popular and new bus hubs in the region.

Hangzhou Bus Station

In an area home to between nine and 10 million people, this iconic park in Hangzhou, in east China’s Zhejiang province, is arguably the world’s most visited, featuring some of the largest interconnected bus terminals in the world. The park opened last year as a “giant bus zone” with a breathtaking scenery that invites its visitors to view it from multiple points.

Hanoi Bus Station

Busy Hanoi’s Park Avenue , which opened in December 2017, is now Asia’s largest bus station at 57.4 acres. The hub, which is made up of three connected bus loops, has been touted as an alternative and more convenient transit option to the capital’s notorious clogged city roads.

What’s new in the driver’s seat

Eight stations — two of which are already open — have been built with two major themes, police stations and bus maintenance rooms, according to a recent report from the Committee on Transportation Construction.

Diaoyutai Station

China’s busiest bus hub, which was completed earlier this year, marks the first airport terminal designed specifically for bus terminals.

Established in 2016, this mega airport in Beijing is the only one of its kind. Designed by the South Korea-based Reckson Associates, it features a new bus terminal designed with a focus on providing passengers with an enjoyable experience in front of their bus.

Yangjiang Station

The Park Station Station in Beijing is another brand new bus terminal at an airport. Originally unveiled in 2014, the structure is a multi-storey bus station with a central entry way to provide easy accessibility to the transport hub’s shops and restaurants.

Kuangbu Station

The new bus station in China’s largest city of Shanghai has 100 buses and an adjacent public transport complex. Set to open in July 2017, the station is also designed to provide parking spots for 90 buses and a parking plaza.

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This next station on our list is an airport terminal designed to facilitate bus transportation to and from the airport. The terminal will open this October in Quanzhou, located on the southernmost tip of China’s Guangdong province.

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