Morning Mail: from local knowledge to gossip

Saturday, 7 June

The Fixer was informed of the road’s first repairs after us. This Blythwood Street…

… had completely fallen over.

Sir. After a few days we received our second report. There was a significant earthquake.

Sunny Munro writes:

Your story on a rare landslide on Blythwood Street reads: “After a few days we received our second report: there was a significant earthquake. The original reporter gave her information in good faith…”

The original reporter was me. A man of my stature should not be writing one of those anonymous obituaries.

When news of the collapse spread, the engineer said it was as a result of two road stones slamming into each other and producing a “confusion within the saddle”. But this wasn’t true, as his colleague discovered.

Mick Howard wrote:

What I do know is that the road got to the edge of the gully and it collapsed completely.

Jerrin Morrell writes:

It’s clear that the man who wrote the obituary and gave his name as J, a librarian and old friend of mine, is the person who highlighted my picture of our millyard days.

He’s obviously a very proud man, so I suppose he’s entitled to be happy.

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