Kevin Sinfield talks 24-hour charity run from his hometown

Written by By: Mike Monaco, CNN

Since he left the rugby league field in 2016, 32-year-old Leicester Tigers and England international Kevin Sinfield has been focused on a new mission — to complete a 24-hour charity run from his hometown to the city of his childhood, Leeds.

While past campaigns have prioritized rugby, this time Sinfield believes it’s time to focus on a bigger, broader purpose — one that helps bring world-class football into the more rural rural and industrial areas of England.

Throughout his running, Sinfield will be backing children’s charity Dreams Come True , and, like in previous seasons, he’ll be joined by fellow professional, Arsenal forward Theo Walcott.

More than 2,000 supporters have pledged support to the run, which takes place at the Rugby League World Cup 2018 host stadium Elland Road this weekend, where Sinfield will be running with Walcott.

“You see the big crowds and I think that’s what impresses, and also the way that the boys are getting involved,” said Sinfield during a stop off at a London hotel.

“But it’s the smaller ones that really get into the spirit of it, when you see the one little 11-year-old that’s brought their entire kit with them or their teddy bear that they’ve packed all the way from the Midlands, or even just someone who’s driven over 2,000 miles.”

Turning 30

Sinfield’s footballing dreams started when he was three years old, as a huge supporter of Leeds United (as have been his professional ones), but he can trace the origins of his 24-hour charity run back even further.

As a boy, Sinfield came to help coach a local Essex boys’ football club. When he decided to take up rugby after school, he felt compelled to follow the sport with his two younger brothers, who also played.

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