Holistic meditation classes are coming to New York in 2019

From Headfirst Meditation Classes, which are coming to New York and NYC Daily Books.

Genteel, modern, and from Thailand, Headfirst Meditation offers not just Buddhist practice — but teachings on life, work, and happiness in general. The classes, which are coming to New York and NYC Daily Books in Spring 2020, are led by spiritual leaders headed by exiled Thai monk Tuner Pipat.

“For more than 1,500 years, Buddhist monks have taken spiritual journeys, broken away from their monastery walls, and meditated on a whole variety of concepts,” Tuner Pipat explains. “Now that a new generation of monks is joining the tradition in their retirement, we wanted to share with them these same ancient concepts that make meditation special.”

While the lessons are heavily focused on meditation, the show also features talks by the Dalai Lama himself. The overarching goal is to help people relate to and even practice Buddhism in a more mainstream way — and to do so with its founder-minded, comfortably chic instructors. Join us to watch and learn like a Buddhist monk. This program is part of the Monsoon Series.

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