Hallmark’s ‘Christmas Queen’ Candace Cameron Bure

Hallmark’s “Christmas Queen” Candace Cameron Bure tells Morning Joe she felt “an immense amount of pressure” when the show started airing.

The comedian, who hosts the show, appeared on the MSNBC morning show to discuss her holiday special “Christmas Under Wraps.”

Host Joe Scarborough told Bure that the show is different than many of her TV appearances in the past. “It’s sort of the ‘E-Ring,’ as the president would say.”

But Bure told Scarborough she still enjoys all of her TV appearances, though sometimes they are “painful.”

Host Steve Kornacki told Bure that he interviewed her for the show 10 years ago when she was a star on “Full House.” Kornacki said he knew Bure had “enthusiasm” for Christmas, but he said he was surprised by what she told him.

Bure said it wasn’t the big “full House” reunion (called “The Fuller House” on Netflix) or being a mom to children of her own that made her so excited about Christmas this year.

“It’s not like those big deals at all,” Bure said. “It’s actually my mom who’s always pushing me to have a Christmas that’s extra special, like ‘Oh my gosh! Why can’t you be Christmas Queen?’”

WATCH: “So I am the Christmas Queen for Christmas under wraps!” – @candacecbure chats with @JoeNBC about her new holiday special. #MTP #FullHouse pic.twitter.com/gXuW9vJBYv — Morning Joe (@Morning_Joe) October 16, 2016

In her interview, Bure is visibly proud of her mother who “made Christmas Princess Candace” out of her.

“She never lets me down. So I’m really hoping that she’s watching, and she will see this special tonight and she’ll say, ‘Oh my God! I never knew that you could be so perfect in all the ways you are.’”

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