France hunter injured in bear attack while pulling trap lever

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A hunter in France suffered “serious” injuries to his arm and chest after the bear he and his partner were trying to shoot moved while he shot a trap on its front.

It was not clear why the bear was in the forest, but western France is home to several types of brown bear.

The 70-year-old hunter was alone when the bear came up to him.

“He decided to pull the trap lever and opened the trap on the bear. The bear swam toward him, but he managed to keep it pinned until he was able to reach it,” the regional police said in a statement.

The man was taken to hospital, where he is in serious condition.

The injured hunter and his partner were alone when the bear entered the area. Photograph: Police france

“He suffered serious injuries to his arm and chest.

“He and his partner were alone at the moment of the accident.”

The man and his partner had been shooting at a black bear in the forest.

Authorities are investigating the incident, and a bear control officer has been sent to the forest in Dombes near the Jura region.

The British Boxing Association tweeted to support the injured hunter, saying “all our thoughts are with him and his loved ones.”

Jeremy McDonagh, chief of animal welfare organisation World Wildlife Fund-Great Britain, said the impact of the bear’s lung injuries was similar to those of an air-filled tube, or balloon.

“With these sort of injuries, a lot of time, effort and thought needs to be put into rehabilitating them,” he said.

“If possible, he needs to have a summer of rest,” McDonagh added.

The British Boxer Association said: “All our thoughts are with him and his loved ones.”

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