Follow the Playbook: New York GOVERNOR DEFEAT?

The State of New York is in a fierce, four-way contest to replace Andrew Cuomo. The race is complicated by another huge, major question: Whether Cuomo will run and if he does will he even be able to win.

The question has hung over the race for weeks. Gov. Cuomo has until Thursday to decide. If he runs and wins, the Democrats would make history by winning a majority of both the Governor’s Mansion and both the State Senate and Assembly.

In that scenario, Mike Murphy of New York 360 tells viewers the following:

“We are looking at the possibility of new leadership in Albany, and before any decisions are made, a lot of pressure is being brought to bear by senior people in Governor Cuomo’s family. If Andrew Cuomo does decide to run for re-election, and win, a lot of people inside his administration are pushing him to run for re-election. But the governor is determined to wait until November 19th.”

So who will actually replace Cuomo? We are still waiting to hear from the Governor’s Office. But because Democrats have a broad base of support with the poor approval ratings of both legislative leaders, Mario P. Cuomo and Jeff Klein respectively, a number of talented up and coming Democrats are eyeing a move up to govern the state. According to CNN, State Senator Michael Gianaris has made it known that he has been approached by his colleagues and is interested in the job. Joe Palumbo, a former city councilman from Malta, has also attracted some attention, although he has said that he has no interest in running for Governor.

So this will be a very interesting, potentially contentious race to replace Governor Cuomo. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to November 19th.

You can see more of this story on New York 360 here.

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