Everything we know about PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Release UK

Originally, only three models were available: the GT Edition, the C1, and the GT Sport. Today, the GT now comes with 5G, with a white model only available in Singapore and Hong Kong. An olive green model is also available in Europe, with pre-orders due to open next week. The GT 1 is a Grand Touring GT Supercomputer edition – it can also be modelled with a GT-R, a Formula 1 car, or a 2017 Mercedes GLE.

UK Pre-orders opened today (today is Friday October 6, so there’s still a little time, but it’s already sold out) so here’s where you can buy the GT 1, and GT 4S. There’s also the 5G version, available in Europe for two weeks starting in late October, but still not in the UK.

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Studio PlayStation

The GT1 should arrive in our shops on 14 November, however it’s now sold out online. The GT 4S should be available at PlayStations online this week, and arrives in our shops on 15 November. The GT Sport is scheduled to launch in our shops in November, but not online.

PlayStation Direct

Not everyone can reserve a new console, but a new online pre-order service called ‘PlayStation Direct’, will be available all week. You can reserve your games and controllers for pre-order on the PlayStation website ( http://shop.playstation.com/ ), and games for pre-order will be published on the official PlayStation blog. Take note: this has no official launch date yet.

PlayStation Business

While the PlayStation 4 has been criticised for its slow pre-order sales, Sony’s slice of the console business is growing. Sony-owned Insomniac Games made its game The Last of Us Part II a PlayStation exclusive, going against the norm of using Microsoft’s platform exclusively. This announcement got tongues wagging that Sony might have an exclusive deal with every AAA studio, which would ensure the dominance of its console.

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Another sign that Sony wants to maintain its dominance in the console market? The Sony press conference on 3 October with the likes of Spider-Man, Far Cry 5, The Last of Us Part II, and, of course, Final Fantasy XV, revealed that only a few games will be available on the PS4 Pro.

PlayStation 4 Pro and the other PS4 models are still available to purchase.

PlayStation VR

The 2017 PlayStation VR headset will come bundled with The Last of Us Part II, the Xbox One S’ version of LEGO Jurassic World and a copy of ‘Skull and Bones’, the latest episode of ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’, and ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’. The box will be available with or without The Last of Us Part II which costs £179.99. It will be available to purchase from 10 October.

PS4 Pro Specs

While the PlayStation 4 Pro won’t be on sale until November, the PlayStation VR system (pricing TBA) will be available in October.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is coming November 10.

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