Earth Shifted Its Way from a Strong Solar Storm

Are you waiting for Halloween to change your energy usage? You may not have to.

The sun unleashed an intense solar flare on Friday, March 15 that has shifted the path of a geomagnetic storm forecast for late October from a strong one into a strong one.

According to the Geomagnetic Storm Forecast Center, our own Weather Channel, the Eta Carinae mega-class solar flare unleashed an X5.5 solar storm that made the path of the storm shift from a strong one, toward a strong one.

Because of this, the center said it could change the frequency of severe geomagnetic storms that could hit Earth by up to 6 times and may affect airline navigation and communication equipment like your smartwatch.

“For today and Thursday, it’s a strong chance for increased aurora activity in Greenland and northern Canada,” said James Kanarick, senior director of warning at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center.

However, there is not any energy density in the particles that can travel through space and affect more than one hemisphere, NWS in a statement.

“This might change if the sun zooms in on the Earth,” Kanarick told Fox News.

“If the sun zooms in on the Earth, there could be more energy in the sun and that would affect the energy density and be more of a northward-affecting impact. So more of the energy is low-density, and that’s better for us.”

The incident marks the third such solar eruption of 2019. There have been 32 total solar flares this year. That’s an average of one every four days.

The same category of space flare triggered the Dec. 11 Solar Storm of 2013 with a knock of 31 times more energy than Hurricane Maria.

Weather Channel meteorologist Michael Palmer said many of us may just live for these stormy days.

“It’s amazing that every time we go through an eclipse or solar flare, or have a volcano eruption, that we all have to pause and enjoy those and deal with it later when we can,” he said.

“But at that time of year, maybe a little thing like the comet Pan-STARRS — remember that amazing day in 2011 when it was as bright as day? It’s amazing that even during a weak solar flare and solar storm, it can be that great.”

The Weather Channel meteorologist said people “deserve” to take the great moments as a warning sign.

But it also is important that we remember why we do all of this to protect ourselves from possible catastrophes.

“It’s actually just preparing for what we’re going to have to deal with and making sure we have a few years to prepare,” he said.

“So, there’s a long way from it to Oct. 31 when it actually really impacts us.”

Fox News’ Maggie Grace contributed to this report.

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