Chrissy Teigen says she needs to fix her fake blonde eyebrows

Never one to hold back from her honest and outspoken opinion, E! News reported that supermodel Chrissy Teigen shared some eyebrow news over the weekend on Instagram, writing “Ok guys. I’m going to get my eyebrows done. I don’t look like a fake blonde in a faux natural way. I’m a fake blond in a fake natural way. Until I actually get a natural real hair color, I think I need to fix it. But I just feel like the extreme anti-age thing might be wearing off. Guys.”

Many who viewed the post — first spotted by Jezebel — questioned how Teigen could function with perfect eyebrows, but she stood firm in her claim that she needed a quick fix, writing, “I have terrible brows. Fuck. My. Face. Is. Shredded. I’m gonna fix this. If I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘So bitch you fucking ugly,’ then there’s no fixing it. My fake, blonde eyebrow has become this nightmare. Brows are like my swear word. Anyone who’s ever bleached theirs once before, know what I’m talking about. It sucks. So I’m gonna fix it with a little help from your natural hair color.”

Though the post was addressed to friends and family, it was also quickly noticed by experts and E! News’ own medical experts (whatever happens here, this won’t exactly be an issue to be solved by “God”). Dr. Frank Lipman, founder of Eleven Eleven wellness and New York City Botanical Center, questioned the use of Botox in even minor cosmetic procedures, writing, “I find it depressing that people feel desperate enough to inject themselves with Botox. It is a little more embarrassing and egregious when it’s a friend of mine. It’s as if they are debating going to Nip+Tuck.”

The British plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Ablow wondered if the visit to the office had anything to do with the impending birth of their baby and quipped: “For the record, I have never attempted to remove my brows.” Dr. Oliver Chan from New York University believes that Teigen’s poor view of her face is completely normal, telling E! News: “I think it is really good for women to look in the mirror and say, ‘I feel sexy.’ This is how I feel. But the part of the facial area that you choose to highlight is the one that is the most powerful.”

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