How to delete all messages in Telegram

It’s readers’ question time again and this time it’s about Telegram. The full question is ‘I heard that messages are stored on Telegram servers and I don’t want that. How can I delete all my messages on Telegram’ Telegram is a secure messaging app for mobile and desktop devices. It has millions of users and the company prides the service on its encrypted email service


How to remove a user from a group in Telegram

A Telegram group is an ideal space to share and discuss information, organize events, create announcements or chat. There are no ads or subscription fees, and all members can participate with the same permissions on a global message board that never goes offline. However, like most social networking platforms, there is no reliable way to screen members when they join a group on Telegram.



How to pin and manage messages in Telegram

One interesting feature that seems to be quite underrated in the world’s favorite chat app, Telegram, is the ability to pin a message. Pinning messages keeps it at the top of your chat list, so you can access it quickly and easily. You can pin your private or group chats, and it’s really convenient. People pin posts frequently. Usually, these are conversation threads to the


How to create a poll in Telegram on a PC or mobile device

Did you know that you can create a poll in Telegram without leaving the app? Polls are one of the most engaging and interactive ways to get feedback from a Telegram channel or group chat members. Members can use them to publicly express their opinions without saying anything controversial or backing up their positions with facts. It is a safe and anonymous means of intervening in the debate and expressing one’s point of…


How to Create a Telegram Account on Android

Telegram is one of the most popular online instant messaging services with over 500 million active users worldwide. It is a great alternative to other online messaging apps like WhatsApp, Google Messages, Signal, etc. In recent years, several people have started using this app because of its more fun and useful features. If you are also looking to create a Telegram account, read this article till the end to know how to create a Telegram…



How to find groups in Telegram

One of the reasons many of its users love Telegram is that it provides access to public or private groups that you can join. There are countless Telegram groups available, and some of them contain hundreds of thousands of users. You can join a Telegram group to follow a topic that interests you and post thoughts and updates on the topic yourself. But how do you find all these great groups