Carolyn Maloney apologizes to progressives for her ‘tactics’

From a letter of apology:

It is true that in the short time I’ve been in Congress, I have often been mentioned in news stories or endorsed or given interviews by my party — and that is always a great honor. I have been honored that my constituents in New York have elected me to represent them in Congress, and that they have elected me with strong majorities in both the house and senate. And I will always remember that for years, my party encouraged my candidacy and supported my vision.

I am a committed progressive, and over the last week, my party has let me down. My party on the other hand, has let the people of Virginia down, and I let them down. I stand by my record on Medicare, on Social Security, on housing for first-time homebuyers, on disaster relief, on health care, on education, on foreign policy, on women’s reproductive rights, on national security and the environment, on civil rights and on economic equality. I have fought every single day to defend and expand the progress we have made and to defend those gains.

I’m proud of my record, but I know it is not powerful enough to effectively defend against opponents who want to tear down and eliminate the progress that Democrats have made over the last quarter century.

I have had to say “no” to my party, even when I thought that that would cost me votes. As my letter of apology says, that is because of the need to win elections. This has been a difficult process and an imperfect learning process, but I am satisfied that I have continued to show that Democrats can beat and motivate our base without losing the broad coalition that we have built and that, for a party, losing the base means that we cannot win.

I will admit, though, that the delay in endorsing my opponent — who is an ally in our progressive efforts and who will work tirelessly to fight against the xenophobic extremism that has captured this Administration and the Republican-led Congress — was a mistake.

I understand the gratitude and concern about her endorsement by my party and I am committed to working with my party to defeat her.

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