Can you afford to buy a turkey this Thanksgiving?

Have you ever considered getting a turkey for your Thanksgiving turkey?

Thanksgiving and the increased demand for turkeys created a shortage of birds, which spurred the market to price to more than $100 per bird for the first time, causing many to seek alternatives. One turkey is 20 percent more expensive this year than it was last year.

Get creative: if you feel like spending more money on a Thanksgiving turkey, here are some options you might be able to find.

Aston martins nest at Bilama Gardens in Bilama, Australia. (Smiley Noyes, CBS News)

Avian Bridge Placement to aid Turkey Farmers

To raise money for turkey farmers’ sustainable farming practices, the American Farmland Trust, along with leading environmental organizations, is planting 500 avian bridges in turkey habitats.

The bionic bird developed by Israel’s Harel-Avram has a highly sophisticated array of machines including high-intensity cameras that can detect the best locations to eat, sleep, and nest.

Unveiled during the Global Crop Exhibition in 2017, there are plans to replicate the avian bridge to be used in endemic trees at frog farms.

Investing in birds can also bring good returns: the average return is 71 percent, according to new research from the Iowa Beef Center.

Some turkey farmers, such as Brandon Letten, have purchased large operations to be able to compete with more modern and profitable farming practices, including bioengineered birds with a higher milk yield.

The success of the Avian Bridge initiative has encouraged the use of such bird species on farm backgrounds from every area of the world.

Fish and this turtle cost more than $5,000 apiece. (Miya Rosenauer, INS News)

Genetically-Engineered Fish Market Hits Record Prices

Forget tomato paste; how about genome-edited, fish?

Approximately one out of every seven trout sold in Europe were recently born from a gene-edited system by Nord Anglia, a research group at the University of Exeter, and raised in Asia, India, China, and Japan.

Genetically-engineered trout were first discovered in 2008 and have been hitting the jackpot in the market. From 2014 to 2015, single-trout prices went from $1,654 to $5,898, according to a report from Wall Street Journal. Prices are predicted to go much higher.

The profits are also going into companies that have been fighting to raise the fish.

An England-based group called Bambino Duck is building a factory that will assemble thousands of ducks at the same time to build a rigid pipeline of ducks.

The rice is also commercially available. You can buy rice meal from J Cully in West Hartford, Connecticut, which is almost designed to look like rice.

Look beyond your dinner plate. With good eyesight and agriculture, it’s possible that you could become a poultry farmer.

Though not a farmer as such, Mike, the author of Whole Love: A Farmer’s Quest to Meet the People of God’s Creation, is a raised by an organic farming business whose CEO and founder, Rick Hartge, is a registered organic farmer and a healer of desert phlogiston.

Of course, you won’t have all of his skills, but Mike would still advise others to pursue the agriculture field.

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