Astronaut eats the last green avocado on Earth

Editor’s Note: This video was recorded Nov. 18 and Nov. 19, the day before the launch.

(CNN) – An astronaut on the International Space Station just became the first person to pick peppers while in orbit.

The spaceflight participants are Kjell Lindgren, Jing Haipeng, Norishige Kanai and U.S. astronaut Ricky Arnold, who took on the mission when a Dutch astronaut docked with the ISS for six months in 2017.

The US Food and Nutrition Service experienced a “significant reduction in food waste” from avocados picked by the astronauts during their space mission, according to a press release from NASA.

Also revealed on Friday: Exactly what they ate during the mission.

In the space station’s Cuisine Moderne cookery, crew members started off by picking avocados from the space station’s cargo module. Haipeng picked the single green one, while Arnold picked a sweet, orange one.

And while avocados may seem like the easiest of fruits to pick, to make an impact with only four avocados, Haipeng had to replace his spare blood vessels with sugar and potato protein.

For the rest of the crew, the mission wasn’t about picking fruits and vegetables, and included a dash of spice in the form of shrimp cocktails and beef tartare.

The crew got creative by pairing hot and cold food together — or “jeggings.”

“We decided to play around with that now and then and mix things together,” Kanai told the press release. “Some beans tasted better with vegetables, so we mixed them.”

A cherry tomato and cucumber folded together made for a salad called “apricots” that was tasted in “apricot syrup,” while spicy mozzarella and arugula wrapped around cherry tomatoes was also served.

There was a move away from staples like bread and pasta and towards the more exotic. For instance, bananas were the choice bread of choice for sandwiches and the crew made the occasional lunch box salad using purple potatoes, sweet potatoes and red cabbage.

The crew also deviated from their typically cold food by trying out jicama and mini cucumbers for a crunchy salad, and a snack called “crunchies,” while adding some vibrancy to the space station’s “Spacehouse’s ready-to-eat meals with space color themes,” according to NASA.

Most of the space station’s food is pre-made by the European Space Agency and Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), NASA said.

Lindgren helped test samples of a range of fruits and vegetables over the course of the mission. The mission was his first spaceflight, with most of the team having been on one prior to this one.

The space station’s seven-member crew also had several moments of humor, showing they are just like the rest of us.

Lindgren had a run-in with a monkey aboard the ISS — an attempt to take on the role of a natural experiment to see if he could learn anything from a primate.

During the mission, when the crew was eating pizza, they got an additional shock when they were asked to dunk chocolate in a dish that usually contains drinkables — but also hazelnuts, which are high in protein.

The crew finished the pizza, even though it was still partially filled with what the astronauts thought was salt water.

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