As global carbon emissions rise, the West may soon look back and see Africa as the world’s green economy

The race is on for businesses to develop fast enough to compete in a world fueled by exploding demand for cleaner energy. Ghana will be a key battleground, and a new report by the World Resources Institute shows that it has the chance to become a global leader in the green economy.

Ghana’s economy will double in size between now and 2030, and will be worth nearly $200 billion. Now, World Resources Institute research shows that many of the best clean energy sources lie in Ghana’s own backyard.

A recent report by the organization, titled “Acting on Climate.” As part of its Blueprint for Green Investments, WRI examined the opportunity for business to capture the opportunity offered by the return on investment (ROI) in just a handful of sectors. According to the report, each dollar invested in Ghana’s clean energy sector generates an extra $2 to $3, compared to other countries. What’s more, the report shows, businesses are already on the right track. Some private sector investors are aware of Ghana’s opportunity and are starting to turn to it in droves.

Each country is going to be different when it comes to meeting its environmental challenges and advancing the planet’s public health and well-being. But the most successful countries won’t be the ones building the most cars, turning to polluting fuels, or disassembling their green ecosystems. They’ll be the ones using their natural resources sustainably for the benefit of all.

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